Our Story


Translated to mean ‘her haven, the HERVANR woman wears fashion to empower the women behind the dress by choosing consciously crafted individual pieces that can be worn forever.

HERVANR celebrates premium craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics in feminine silhouettes that are made to last. We create pieces to be re-worn and treasured forever in response to the damaging societal effects of disposable fashion. 

All designs, colours, and fabrics are carefully considered to be worn season-upon-season and designed to make you feel like the best version of yourself. 

Produced in limited runs, we limit waste and avoid overconsumption. Everything is designed in the UK and manufactured in Europe, where we only work with reputable suppliers who adhere to ethical practices and continuously deliver high-quality pieces.  

HERVANR is a community of empowerment. #MyHERVANR is home to all the inspirational women who embody true luxury: consciously produced, one of a kind pieces 

So, get ready to be transported to the realms of your HERVANR a place where you’ll feel refined, spirited and unstoppable.